Management wants content that generates sales and return of investments, employees just wants to have fun. My taylor made concept meet both expectations! Contact me, get great conferences and training. 

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Here you can find the information about my inspirational standup speeches, lectures, workshops and  ompere/conferencier and the three books I have written.

With my tools I give companies, organizations and associations and their employees confidence and skills for better communication, sales, mingling, networking and social competence to get great results.

     Please contact me so we can Taylor made the event for you! Example;

Kindness in Business, social competens, mingling and networking

Successful Communication

When it's Fun - it's Great Fun, Feel Great and receive your goals

Sales training for everyone, even for administrators

Under the title Common Questions below you'll find answers of frequently asked questions.

     The workshops, speeches and compere can be either in English or Swedish.

     I'm sorry to say that my books only are in Swedish. 

”Today it is more important than ever to understand that kindness is profitable!”

Me in Swedish Morning TV-show

I started KOMFAB 2004 after many years at bank and insurance companies, and also within healthcare. 


My inspirational lectures, stand-ups and workshops are appreciated by multifunctional companies and organi-zations. I present the tools to increase job satisfaction at work, create the conditions for social competence and how to create results. 


Customer companies and organizations, for example; Astra Zeneca, SEB, Skandia, Nordea, Chamber of Commerce, TTR, ICA food stores, the Nordic interim organization  and several law and audit firms.   

     KOMFAB has "UC's" highest Credit rating and is AA-rated by the company "Soliditet".

I can visit you within Sweden or Europe

With Headquarter in Stockholm and a branch in North of Sweden (in Hälsingland), I can easily get to you by train, car or aircraft.


in Sweden:

Primusgatan 60, Stockholm

Rönnskär 40, Stocka 


+46 (0) 70 767 8036

or over Skype 


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Please contact me for more information, or if you have any questions, within this form or over email or telephone. I'm looking forward hearing from you! //Katarina

Under Common Questions below are some of the most common ones answered.


Common Questions

01.  Can you come to our conference, or workplace and have teambuilding for us?


Yes. I am often at companies, at their conference and have inspirational standup speaches, lectures and workshops. The topics are different, and Taylor made for your staff. Often about goals, the Law of Attraction, Feel Great and Communication both at home and at the office. The Management team often want something with payback, that gets results in sales, for example how employees respond to purchase signals they get in their spare time. Everyone wants an hour of fun with useful content.

     Some companies want the staff to make use of spontaneous meetings that take place in working life and have their own personal net of contacts in their mind to spread the brand. This can be called mingling and networking, or social skills. I know that it makes a big difference both for the result and for the well-being at the workplace.

     Please contact me so we can discuss the schedule and contents etc. One option can be a Lecutre of 1-3 hours, combined with easy but fun rehearsal e.g. mingling, before dinner. 

     Catering can be ordered within Stockholm from Reko Eko, ecological tasty and healthy fika, wraps, lunches or buffet. Of course, you can order catering from Reko Eko without ordering anything from me. For more information please follow this link www.rekoeko.com.


02.  We'll participate on an exhibition (or entertain a customer event), can you help us so our coworkers comfortable and convenient mingle with our visiters? 


Yes, I can have a workshop with several tips for how to behave at an exhibition (regardless if you have an exhibition stand of your own or just visiting the fair). The workshops could focus on tips and tools for elevator pitch, presentations, how to take notes so you don't miss anyone or anything during the event and for getting the best follow-up afterwards when you are back at work again.

     Please contact me so we can discuss time schedule and arrangement. 


03.  We want better communication, both internal and external, how can you help us?


Communication can be tricky. It is easy to be misunderstood or misunderstand others. Some people communicate from the stomach with "feelings" and others from the brain with "facts". Neither way is better, however, when those profiles communicate with each other there can be some difficulties. Those who

communicate with feelings feels that those with fact-orientated communication is boring, and fact-communicators feels that feeling-orientated communications

is gossip and unprofessional.

     If we learn to communicate like the recipient, regardless of our own communication profile, we can understand each other better and reduce irritation and conflicts. There are no female or male communication profile, and we need to have all different communications profiles in a group or family!

     Your customers communicate from these profiles, learn how to help them remember you and what you say or sell. Be memorable!


04.  Can you help us with a panel discussion?


Of course, with my knowledge of communication and relationships we can build the content you want at your event. I'm both compere/conferencier and moderator. 


05.  What does the speech "When it's Fun - it's Great Fun" content?


This topic might be a bit strange for one with a Master's in Business Administration, however I do also have degrees in Healthcare. During the AIDS-epidemic, when I worked at the Infections clinic at one of the biggest hospitals in Stockholm, I met so many dying, and they really regret so many things they have not fulfilled during their active life. When I worked at a branch at one of Swedish biggest bank, I met customers who got high mortgage due to the economic situation with interest rate over 500 %, which they of course got nervous about, on top on everything else.  

     Life hits us living and I want to live it as great as possible, and I'm sure others want this as well. Therefor I have combined my educations, knowledge and experiences. This is a speech about goals, life, ideal and doing your best while you are following your heart. 

     Something like, that, and I Taylor made it, so it fit your staff and office.


06.  Do you have books in English, can you dedicate them?


I am sorry to say that I do not have any books in English. Regarding my Swedish books, I dedicate them to whom who shall receive them. 


07.  How long in advance do we have to order your services?


Some dates are more popular than others, but if possible, I try to solve it adhoc. Please contact me so we can start, and Taylor made your event, the more specific content the more preparation time I need. 


08.  What does KOMFAB mean?


KOMFAB means, in Swedish; Kommunikationsfabriken, in English; The Communication Factory.

  KOMFAB established in 2004, and I cooperate with other companies like in a big factory. I can help you as a consultant, project manager, speaker, compere/conferencier, with education, events, text and chronicles etc. 

”If employees get the chance to talk about their work, they are happy to do so.

Give them the mandate and help with what to say.”